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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  December 26, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> welcome to 11 news saturday morning. >> our top stories in just a moment. but first let's take a look outside. and still a little soggy. >> things haven't changed much except the sun's come up. it's still raining. still cloudy. and a flood warning has been aeded to the mix here this morning for part of the area. but let's just show you the
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radar. the rain continues. we've had about a third of an inch since 5:00 and almost three-quarters since mid night here. you have to keep in mind, and then we had over a half inch yesterday. so we've had well over an inch of rain since this started. so add that to the snow that's melting, and that's why the flooding situation is out there at least for some areas. it's kind of a localized deal. but as long as that low pressure center is drifting in our direction and it's going to come up during the day, you see at the bottom of the screen, we have rain in the forecast. so it won't be until this evening that these chances or later this afternoon, taper off. i'll detail this coming up in just a minute. >> our big story, a man is in custody this morning after he allegedly tried to blow up a plane as it was landing this detroit yesterday afternoon. >> white house officials say it was an attempted act of terrorism. leian has the latest.
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>> relieved pass jers from delta northwest airlines flight 253 were reunited after a mid air scare. >> are from what we can tell, there was a gentleman that had a device that caused him to catch on fire. they brought him up front where they stripped him down to make sure he had nothing else and they brought him, took him off the plane. >> with 278 passengers on board, a 23-year-old nigerian national allegedly tried to detonate an explosive device and caught himself on fire. >> we heard a bang. later, a lady was shouting back saying what are you doing? what are you doing? >> it was terrifying. i think we all thought we weren't going to land. >> the suspect was quickly restrained by fellow travelers and flight attendents. the crew requested law enforcement meet them on the ground. at least two other passengers
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were injured. authorities say the suspect departed nigeria late thursday to amsterdam where he boarded the flight to detroit. >> obviously the president has put a directive to ensure that everything is being done to guarantee that there is no other plot out there. there is no evidence that it is, but at the same time at a time like this the president has to do the right thing. we have to check every possible lead. >> among the questions, how he was able to board the plane with an explosive device in the first place. >> the suspect reportedly appeared on a data baste of possible suspects. the event has drawn comparison to richard reed. reed was convicted of terrorism after trying to light explosives in his shoes on board a flight from paris to miami christmas eight years ago.
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>> a sad update this morning in the search of a missing 11 yeered girl. authorities in salsbury say they found the body at around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. 30-year-old thomas legs junior, a registered sex offender and former boy friend of her aunt has been charged. fox well's aunt is her legal guardian. she was last seen leaving her home with legs tuesday night. ilef items believed to belong to a girl was found in his truck. >> many other law enforcement agents throughout the region have worked tirelessly around the clock. we left our families home at christmas as many of you have, to assist us in bringing closesure to the family of sarah fox well. >> legs, who has anextensive criminal background is being
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held. they are investigating her death as a homicide. >> even the grinch couldn't bring down the spirits of one family. just days before christmas, someone broke into a home in gardenville. stealing the christmas presents and the family puppy. kim has the story. >> the kids split their time between their mom and dad's house, which is a few blocks away from each other they help their day take care of their new puppy. but just a few nights ago he called them and told them max was gone. >> it's a normal christmas evening in the household in gardenville. the kids are excited and playing with their new toys. this christmas celebration is going on even though their puppy was stolen. >> he's four months old and he's really cute. he bites your toes a lot. he eats anything he sees. >> the night of december 23, the family says someone broke into the children's father's
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house near by stealing elect ronics, presents for the kids, and their puppy, max. >> i was kind of sad because somebody stole him. >> the four kids and their two step siblings made up fliers asking everyone to be on the lookout for max. >> we're still keeping our hopes up. it's only been two days and he was a great, cute little puppy. i couldn't imagine anyone would hurt him. christmas morning came minus the presents that were stolen. the family still came together for a joyful holiday celebration. >> they've been really brave. they say from time to time that they hope he will be back. but we still enjoy the big christmas breakfast this morning and opened presents from santa. >> it's been good. i just wish we had max. >> they've been able to have a merry christmas maybe because this family subscribed to a philosophy that gets to the heart of the holidays. >> they will tell you that the most important thing about christmas is family. >> police are investigating. if you have any information,
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contact the northeast district office. that number is 4103962444. >> a lot of people in need in baltimore city are smiling this morning thanks to the generosity of the helping up mission. the shelter provided a full christmas meal to the homeless and 400 men who live at the mission. not only to those look forg a place to celebrate but also those who volunteer. >> a lot of people are going through the same thing that i'm going through and it's good to see a lot of people being helped. >> it makes me feel good knowing that we could help out and let them have a good christmas in case they didn't have anywhere else to go. they had a nice meal to eat, enjoy time. >> the helping up mission has been around since 1885 and will celebrate its 125 anniversary next year.
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and catholics here at home celebrated christmas at mass, at noon and throughout the day yesterday. and a christmas prayer and meditation service was held in west baltimore yesterday morning. dr. frank reed led parish anywheres in prayer. on nures eve they will also hold services to bless the start of the new year. and there is continuing christmas coverage on our website. you can take a christmas carol quiz and submit your holiday photos. go to where you will find a link under hot topics. >> still raining outside, still ahead, drsm kim hammond joins us to answer your pet questions. >> plus the globe trotters are in town for two special games.
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we'll chat live and take a sneak peak. >> the rain and the stormy weather that we have here is all related to that big midwest snow storm out west. we haven't got the snowy part but we're sure getting the ain.
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>> as you can see around the baltimore area, we still have rain and that won't be letting up any time soon over the next few hours. we've got a combination of things going on. the rain, we've had well over an inch since it started yesterday. and we've also got the melting snow. the rain is melting some of it, the warmer temperature is adding to that. and for the west shore of the bay, we have these steady eeferly winds which are kind of piling the wear up we're approaching high tide in the next couple of hours and because of that they've got a
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little flooding in annapolis. police have closed off a few roads due to flooding. and dispatchers say high tides coming up, additional closures may be possible because of the tidal situation and the fact that we have continuing rain and the snow is continuing to melt. kind of a complex situation today. but there is a wider flood warning in effect eefpkt. let's look outside. it's wet. here's the beltway. at liberty road. and the rain is still falling. nite quite as heavy but it's still coming down. 48 at the airport, humidity all the way up at 100%. a little fog here and there. the barometer has been rising in the past copyle hours but still low. and east winds at 12 miles an hour. so that east wind on the west face of the base, the west shore is kind of piling the water up a bit and adding
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insult to injury. rain so far this month as of last night, 6.65 inches. so that gives us almost a four-inch surplus. a big contributor was that snow we had last weekend. and the rain. for 2009 so far, up until midnight, 54.16 inches, over a foot extra precipitation so far this year. we're going to wind up on the surplus side. temperatures in the -- look. 59 degrees right now. ocean city 54. 57 salsbury. temperatures warming up. there's much less rain to the south here. but where it's been wet the clouds are heavier. we're in the 40's to around 50 here. 49 in the district. only 39 in frederick. so it does get progressively colder. the center of the storm is circulating right around there. so convective activity.
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over the ocean. real low clouds over us. these low clouds are what producing the rain right now. there's the low pressure center. by this evening it will be moving up into new jersey and that's when the rain will cut off. but all this is connected to this storm out in the midwest which is he hadded for the great lakes. in little bits of pieces will be coming our way early in the week. so we're not going to make a clean break with this storm but during the day we'll see cloudy skies and rain tapering off. east winds 10 to 15. 47 to 51 the high. we're getting close to that. 47 to 51 is the high range. and here's that flood threat now. the dark green areas, a flood warning in effect until 2:00 this afternoon. the light green shaded areas, which include the eastern shore
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and parts of virginia and southern maryland that's a flood advisory. instant weather future cast shows the moisture pulling out later this afternoon and the clouds. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. there's another piece of the storm coming in. we may pick up a sprinkle or flurry here. a better chance will be in the mountains to the west of us. here's the forecast tofere next seven days. just take a look at the end of the week. thursday and friday. computer models indicate that we may pick up another coastal storm. so at the moment we're not too sure how that's going to take shape so we've got a wintry mix in the mix as we go out of the old year and come into the new. >> they've been around for 84 years and today they're in baltimore to entertain people of all ages. this is alet of fun. >> a lot of fun. 11 news outside to get a sneak preview. good morning. we've got high light and dizzy. how are you doing?
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>> good. how are you? >> i'm doing fine. you're in baltimore. the first time to baltimore? >> yes. it's my first time here and we're looking forward to doing two shows for you today. >> that's great. about a million years ago, what's the team that plays against you all the time? they always get whooped. >> the washington generals. >> that's right. i played in the 80's against the trotters. the high light of my career was in jaffle, florida. i was so bad they kicked me out of town. i will say something about the globe trotters. you put on a great show. you entertain. but you are also excellent ball players. >> thank you very much. >> what do you have in store for the shows tonight? what can folks expect to see? >> tonight they can expect to see some good quality basketball along with family entertainment. and he's going to show you a little of the tricks that we do.
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>> do you want me to hum sweet georgia brown? >> you can hum. don't miss it. >> is there anything for like high lights of the show that people can expect like big dunks? i know you do the full court baskets and stuff. >> you are going to see some half court hook shots, some amazing 360 dunks along with some family fun. we like to combine the basketball for the people who are really into the sports and we also like to bring the fun and entertainment that's part of the basketball too. >> you also do, the pass, the beauty of the pass which to me is the most beautiful part of basketball. great passing. >> it is. guys like curly kneel and meadow lark, they set the pace for us. and we're going to do the best we can to bring good
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entertainment here in baltimore. it's a little cold right now. >> we really appreciate it. we'll see you the next half hour. >> thank you. >> they take the court at first mariner arena today at 2:00 and 6:00. you can go to our website and click on news link. >> and every kid on the planet -- >> i know. >> but i can do a few of the tricks. >> still got it. >> i don't know about that. >> if you received cash as a gift for the holidays, you might want to consider buying a scratchoff. we'll take a look at the best tickets to buy. >> plus luns of animals are looking for a warm, loving home. we'll tell you the one disco
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>> it's time for lottery best belts. good morning. >> how are you today? >> doing fine. >> great. we have some hot fives. let's start with $2 celebration. i like that. $2 celebration. it's a wonderful ticket to give for any occasion that you have. top prize, $10,000. let's talk about these. there's one top prize remaining, but they're great when you purchase the tickets but there's lots of meaningful prizes elbedded. that's what we want to talk about. a lot of $500 prizes and it's 84% sold. so if you see one, buy one. >> this is celebration. >> ok. i got that. >> the five, $5 ticket. so two $50,000 prizes and $5,000 prizes. if you see it for a $5
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purchase. >> celebration and red hot fives. and then there's $10 diamond mine which is a $10 ticket. top prize is a $100,000. and over 12020017% sold. so dep you're out and about over the next couple days pick some of these up. $20 platinum reward, a $1 million prize. so that's exciting. lots of $50,000 prizes, and six $10,000 prizes. 58% sold. and then there's ravens cash fantasy which has been the hit. it's a $5 ticket. 82% sold. lots of great prizes remain. a $1 million cash prize. 82% sold for there to be cash left on the ticket. plus many great second chance prizes. and we're leaving this afternoon. >> with a lot of the winners
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going to pittsburgh. talk about that. >> we're hopping on the team plane and traveling to pittsburgh. we need to be there 24 hours before the game. it's going to be fun. >> in talking with the people who won, it was really a joy, getting to fly with the team. what a thrill. >> absolutely. eat the food and stay in the hotel with them and travel over to the stadium. >> and this is no ordinary game. it's with the steelers. >> the big deal. go ravens. >> thank you very, very much. appreciate it. and i've got all of these and am going to put them in here. >> go out and buy some. >> don't go away. dr. kim hammond has answerso your pet questions when we come back.
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>> welcome back. and joining us now to answer your pet questions, dr. kim hammond along with little stella hammond. >> this is one of my daughters. my other daughter is in bed sleeping. >> if you ever wonder what his wife looks like, just look at stella. >> gosh. >> they're like twins. >> and we have mosmy and baby? >> this is interesting. this is her little christmas present. a lot of people got pets for the holidays, lots. and this is a tough economy. and if people need help, i just want to let everyone know they
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can call to see you for free by appointment. you have to make an appointment. it's just one way to help. it's not going to be forever. >> especially if it's a new pet in the house. >> not only that, a lot of the exotics. people buy them at the pet stores and that they just don't know the husbandry, don't even know the temperature or environment so they wind up getting nutritional deficiencies. or you put a bird next a couple cats. >> talk about stress. >> that type of thing. so at least temporarily until we go bankrupt we'll help you out. >> let's answer a couple questions. seen an add for a cat board. the product is similar to a nail file and claims it's better for your cat's claws than clipping. >> i guess the cat's claws need to be clipped once in a while. it is interesting. you can hear, it's probably
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courser than a normal post. >> i think the ad is great. i almost wanted to go further. but let me say this. we had those dremells they were talking about. there's always another guy trying to figure out some easier way to clip nails. the problem, certain the emory board is going to work but the problem is a lot of them aren't going to use it. if a trained cat uses, it, they probably took a week for the cat to do that. >> like a scratching post. >> don't expect it to be a cure. and if there's a return, take it. >> ok. >> my dog has a problem with her pancreas and sometimes begins to bleed. the vet says she needs to eat foods that are highly digestable. are there any healthy treats? >> you've got to stick to your guns as far as what your vet recommends. because without seeing your dog i can't accurately tell you. but that's no joke.
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and when that pancreas gets inflamed there's probably not much you can use. science diet does make really bland treats but talk to your vet about that. you have to be very, very careful. >> if it's too bland, it's not a treat. >> you're right. it's a treat for you but not the dog. >> we're out of time. >> real quickly house training. all you people who bought new pets, training book. get it. that's going to save your life. 70% of the problems we see are because of behavior. and that causes stress. >> everything. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> happy holidays. >> thank you. >> merry christmas. keeping with the pet theme, some adorable cats and dogs are looking for a loving home. the baltimore animal care shelter is continuing its holiday waiver for the next week. there will be no adoption fee for cats and dogs seven months of age and older.
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blankets and toys are needed. >> the time is 9:29 and it's still cloudy and rainy out there. a look at our top stories in just a moment. >> a salvation army worker gunned down in front of his children. >> plus, a look at this year's christmas celebrations.
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>> welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. >> we'll get to our top stories in just a moment, but first let's take a look outside. >> hasn't changed the story at all. >> you know, we've been in this pattern since fall as far as a lot of moisture and everything else. we're running, a foot ahead on rain or precipitation, for the year so far. >> and we're just adding more to it today. this storm has already produced well over an inch of rain here since it started yesterday afternoon. we still have rain shower activity in the area. it's tapering off a little bit to our south.
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we see some drier air but less rain coming up from the north or less rain to the south of us but still plenty of rain out in the potomac river area and delmarva up around delaware bay. and we have some flood warnings in effect for some of you for various reasons. i'll deis a scribe that in a few minutes. >> thanks. here's a look at some of our top stories. police in arkansas are searching for two gunman who killed a salvation army worker in front of his three children on christmas eve. they approached 40-year-old major phil lip wise, demanded money and shot him while his three children eight years and younger watched. 911 was called by butchide before help arrived. after waiting fiver years, a new jersey father finally got the christmas he had been waiting for. david goldman and his son shawn
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spent days back in the united states. they returned from brazil where david won a five-year custody battle. his son was taken to brazil in 2004. she later remarried and died last year, leaving shawn to his step fathers. they hope the government fights to ensure regular family visits. from the pope being dragged to the ground to a new video of captured u.s. soldier. >> the i got started and had a senior moment. >> millions of christians this christmas holiday and this news program will be one people won't soon forget. edward lawrence has more on that plus other christmas celebrations from around the world. >> the world marked one of the holiest days with tens of thousands flocking to the vatican for the christmas day greeting. just hours before a swiss
9:35 am
national dragged the pope to the ground. a spokesman says the woman has psychiatric problems and tried this a year ago wearing this same sweat shirt. >> may your hearts be filled with hope and catesdzed. >> he called the pope to abandon violence. they said the pope should remain accessible. >> it will happen from time to time. >> at a military base in baghdad iraq, soldiers a sang christmas carlse. >> many said they just want to return to loved ones. >> my wish is to go home and see my family. i miss them a lot. >> merry christmas. >> troops in afghanistan observed communion as the tab ban released a new video showing a soldier captured five months ago. he read from a prepared script slamming u.s. actions. the commander in chief praised all soldiers fighting overseas.
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>> as you carry on our missions in iraq and afghanistan, your service, your readieness to make that same sacrifice is an inspiration to us and to every single american. >> president obama and his family spent christmas in hawaii, his childhood home. others enjoyed the same warm weather. people in west palm beach braved the holidays without snow. >> still, celebrating the holiday with gifts, services and in washington. >> stay with us. much more coming up on 11 news. >> the secret to returning holiday items hassle free. >> the generous rainfall we've had is connected to that big storm out in the midwest. out there it's snowing so we've got the better of the situation, for a moment anyway. our forecast is just ahead.
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>> take a quick look at our radar. the rain is ending down in the lower portions and central portions of the bay. a less rainy air is coming in but still wet. up just north of d.c. so we may begin to see the rain taper a bit here during the morning hours and late they are afternoon. but with east winds kind of pushing the tides up against the western shore of the bay and the melting coming from this rain, and we've had almost three quarters of an inch of rain since midnight, naps police have closed off a few streets around the eastport bridge. compromise street and dock street closed due to flooding. high tide doesn't come until around 12:30 so the situation may persist. we may see elsewhere. the rain, warm temperatures and the melting snow are all combining here at once. let's look outside.
9:40 am
it's raining. this is the beltway at 695 and liberty road. 48 at the airport and 51 downtown humidity is up, it west that east wind at 12. swing's around more northly later today as the low pressure center repositions itself. that's why we're beginning to see a little less rain to our south. 43 would be a typical high, 45 the low. a little warmer. on any given day, we've gon way passed the rain but i'm not sure we'll make the record rain back in 1943. we've had three quarters of an inch. so far on this date, the record, 4.4 inches. it's in the 50s to near 60. cambridge is 59. the boardwalk is 54. but the minute you cross the bay it's in the 40's around baltimore area.
9:41 am
only 39 at frederick. out in cumberland, it's a little cooler to the west where the clouds are a little less thick and it hasn't been quite as much rain. so here's the situation right noy. there's a lot more rain over the ocean than falling here. low pressure center will be drifting northward. once it gets north the rain should cut off. this low is connected with this storm back in the northwest. and that will be moving up toward canada and the great lakes. so pieces of this storm will be spinning our way early in the coming weeks. so we're not done with everything but we do expect the rain to taper off. the clouds will hang around all day. temperatures getting up near 50s. east winds, there is a threat near flooding. the dark green shaded areas. anne arundel county county. carol, howard, and pg county. cal vert and s maries have been added to it. this until 2:00 this afternoon.
9:42 am
some because of the tides and the east winds pushing the water up against the bay, some because of snow melt and rain. the rains out of here this evening. get some sun tomorrow. but more clouds late tomorrow into monday. at least a mix of clouds and sun and maybe a flurry or two in the mix. and then a couple of dry days on tuesday and wednesday. then what looks like a coastal storm could develop here on new year's eve. not exactly sure how that will turn out. we've got a wintry mix in the forecast. stay tune. >> stores are expected to be slammed again today with people taking stuff back. but before you stand in the return line you should plan ahead. this year more stores are tightening their return policies. scott explains how to have a hassle free return. >> shoppers are crowding malls for the same yearly tradition. >> last minute christmas stuff. >> from cameras. to clothes. a lot of the things people are buying today will be returned
9:43 am
in a few days. >> yet, many shoppers admit they have no idea about different stores return policies. >> not really but i guess i should start thinking about it. >> they do vary and there are often exceptions. best buy has extended its normal 30 day policy. >> anything through the holidays here they can return through january 31 with the exception of computers rfpltor lap tops have to be returned within 14 days. few stores beat jcpenney's policy, allowing customers 90 days to make returns. >> i think they have one of the most generous and fair policies right now. >> the exception, furniture. and then there's the issue of receipts. most stores don't always require one. >> your refund is going to be $7.5. >> they can look it up with a charge card. >> absolutely. >> even without any record of
9:44 am
the purchase, many stores will still issue in-store credits but no cash refunds. >> if i could have you sign. >> well, they've been around for 84 years and today they're in baltimore to entertain people of all ages. >> the news is lie outside the aarono get a sneak peek. good morning. we're going to be talking with bucket. >> bucket with an s. >> i've got one bucket, you've got buck ets. where are you from? >> phoenix, arizona. >> goodness. >> are you guys on a nationwide tour right now? >> yes. >> where have you been and where are you going? >> well, we're on our north american tour just kicked off. this is our 2010 magical memories tour. first starting here in baltimore, maryland. we've been to china, spain, and
9:45 am
for our troops over in the middle east. so this is going to be our first tour here or starting our first game here starting our tour off. >> i've noticed all the tricks. you've got a real good one you can do right now? >> he wants a real good trick you can do real fast. there's no basket. probably going to -- yeah. that's the one right there. there you go. >> no basket in this weather. >> i've been trying to do that for a million years. it flies off somewhere. >> surprisingly it's not a requisite. a lot of guys, you get a bawl, take it with you. they have to take a ball to their room and knock over a bunch of things trying to figure it out. you get smooth, and this is what we do. this is the magic of the
9:46 am
basketball. >> how often and how long do you practice? i imagine every day? >> well, we play 270 games on our north american tour and we practice two hours before every game. so we have two games today, so we're going to practice two hours before the 2:00 game and two hours before the 7:00 p.m. game. not including what you do in your room when you get back. >> you guys are the best. i've loved you for a million years. great entertainers and the best by far. we love you. >> thank you very much. very family oriented and we love it. 84 years, but we're ready for it. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you. >> and the harlem globe trotters take the court today at 2:00 and 7:00. for more information, log on.
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>> you've probably heard of dtv, deep vain thrombrosesiss. it can it is where the clot forms. it is used on patients -- used to be that patients were just put on medications but doctors are now more aggressive in treating it. here's donna hamilton. >> these are the legs of a 35-year-old woman. the one almost double the size of the other leg has a blood
9:50 am
clot, a dvt. mercy medical center interventional radiologist dr. robert lede el does several procedures a day. >> in the past when you're given the blood thinners it doesn't get rid of the clot, it prevents you from developing further clots or expanding the clots you have. but we needed to find devices and techniques that would actually get rid of clots. >> so this was a patient who had a swollen arm. >> that's correct. and this patient we did yesterday who has a history of dvt. >> the doctor inserts a catheter into the arm right to the clot. the dye shows how the blood flow is almost completely cut off. so they insert a wire carrying a balloon which widens the vain and puts in a stint. who is most at risk? the risk factors include recent surgery, cancer, major trauma, taking oral contraceptives,
9:51 am
pregnancy and child birth, and prolonged bed rest. and smoking. the symptoms, limb swelling, change in skin color, and area of increasesed heat. the doctor says newer proactive treatments have big benefits for patients because blood thinners have real side effects. >> if we can minimize that amount of time those patients are on those drugs, we're doing them a great favor. >> and the young woman whose left leg was double? this is how they looked after treatment. >> donna ham it n. >> and dr. lid ell joins us now with more information on this and we were talking earlier. you want to let people know what are the symptoms and what people should be looking for. >> sure. basically it's a clot that forms in a vene and doesn't allow the flood flow to go back towards the heart. so blood is going into the leg or the arm but isn't leaving.
9:52 am
so one of the biggest symptoms is swelling. swelling that comes up pretty quickly. the leg or the arm gets nice, big, and red and swollen. that's the most common. >> what are some of the other options to treat dvt? what are things people should be thinking about? >> sure. traditionally patients were put on blood thinners and sent home. and over time your body develops collateral and the swelling goes down. it takes months or years to do that. now we have catheters and devices and better drugs that break up the clot and allow the blood flow to be restored and therefore allowing the swelling to go down and the symptoms to be relieved. >> and then, when should someone be concerned and speak to a doctor about this? when is the point? >> so any time a limb, whether an arm or leg swells up, gets
9:53 am
red, gets quite swollen, usual see a primary care doctor, do an examination on you and then determine whether or not sending you for another test. usually that test is a simple test like an ultra sound where they look at the blood going through those veens to make sure that it's open or to see the extent of the clot within those venes. and if it's treated early enough or caught early enough, we can relieve those symptoms pretty quickly. >> thanks so much for joining us. have a merry christmas. if you have any other questions or would like a remple, call 1800-md mercy. stay with us. we'll have another look at your
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>> john, is it going to be raining all afternoon? >> even late this morning i think we'll see less and less. we do have that warning in effect until 2:00 this afternoon. most of that is going to be west or northwest. coastal storm potential right around new years. we'll have to wait and see. >> all right. that's all for us right now. thanks for joining us. >> be sure to come back for 11 news at 6:00.
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>> as we come to the close of another year, with our military fighting on foreign soil we are reminded of our loved ones who are sacrificing their lives. for that reason we take our time to share greetings from those in the military to their families here in maryland. these are also available on click on editorials. from the wbal tv 11 family to yours, happy holidays.
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